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Tooky Toy Puzzle Cubes Puzzle Game


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A challenging game where kids are required to place the colour blocks on the pre-printed cards. There are 12 blocks of various colour, each block consists of 5 wooden cubes of different shapes

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** Important Notice: ** All orders will be dispatched on 26 Apr 2024 as we are currently away on an adventure.


Introducing the Puzzle Cubes Puzzle Game from Tooky Toy, an exciting solo challenge that promises hours of brain-teasing entertainment for all ages. This captivating game is all about honing your spatial and problem-solving skills as you attempt to place colourful blocks onto pre-printed cards.

The set includes 12 blocks, each consisting of 5 wooden cubes with various shapes and colours. With 10 pre-printed patterns and 10 levels of difficulty, this game offers a wide range of challenges, making it an ideal choice for weekend fun.

Your mission is to strategically fit the Tetris-shaped blocks within the card designs. Depending on the cards instructions, you can either work with all 12 coloured blocks or fewer, adding layers of complexity to the puzzle. This mind-bending brainteaser can be enjoyed by younger children and escalates to an expert level suitable for older children and adults.

Crafted from premium timber and adorned with child-safe, non-toxic paint, this game combines safety with endless fun. The Puzzle Cubes Puzzle Game is more than just a game; its a captivating journey into the world of spatial reasoning and problem-solving, making it a perfect choice for solo playtime or family challenges.

Puzzle cubes size approx. 24cmLx 2cmWx 10cmH, Puzzle Cubes (16 page Answer book) size approx. 16cm x12cm.

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Weight520 g
Dimensions27 × 35 × 13 cm


Tooky Toy

Tooky Toy

Tooky Toy was established in 2004. Each toy is made of wood from sustainable forests and painted with water-based dyes. They meet and, in most cases, exceed the strictest international toy safety standards.  Tooky Toy turned the ordinary everyday objects into timeless and durable wooden toys which are loved by parents and children. They encourage imagination, incorporate real-life skills and build fine neuromotor skills.

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